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End to end assistance: from finding your home to looking after it.

Often, our clients do not spend as much time in Pico island as they would like. The time spent here is precious. If you wish to have the freedom to enjoy the best of the island without concerns, you can leave it to us to be your hands, eyes and property experts in Pico island.

We search what fits your expectations and needs. The listed property always holds the needed legal documentation for the deal.

Our clients are mainly motivated by the desire to find a holiday retreat in the islands, by the search of an investment opportunity or by the planning for a retirement dwelling. According to these motivations we adapt our search criteria, always keeping the same dedication and passion we put in what we do.

We assure the best of the local knowledge about available properties and location features. The analysis of the applicable urban development plans is provided by us for your best decision.

We offer access to the referenced local solicitors, lawyers and notary which can provide the reliability and confidence you need.

Alongside the property purchasing there are some legal steps where you may need some legal assistance or reliable translation and interpretation.

Either for the “Promissory Contract of Purchase and Sale”, the “Signing of the Public Deed” and “Transfer of Ownership” of for settling the duly taxes, we are beside you to assist you.


Morim’Santos Silva, arquitectos has been working in the Azores since 2004, investigating and promoting Azores’ Traditional Architecture and naturally adapting these ancient approaches to today’s comfort and quality expectations.

As members of the INTBAU – International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, our work aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the region, through a contemporary architecture that respects both the culture and landscape of this particular region of the globe.


Count on our advise to meet and negotiate the local contractors. Follow your construction works remotely through regular surveys with photo and video updates.

Upon moving to Pico, either for a short or long period, you may need assistance with setting up a Portuguese tax payer number, applying for residency, shipping your goods in, furnishing your home or setting up the utilities and communications at your home. We are here to help.

Furthermore we will happily extend  provisional accommodation services and transportation, if needed.


We will be your eyes when you are not around and ensure your house and orchard are well kept.

If your house needs any repairs we liaise with contractors and repairmen and make sure the work is completed within budget and in a timely manner.

Taxes and legal fees pertaining your house will be up to date and we will collect the rent from tenants if necessary.

Additionally, if you wish to put your house in the holiday market, we will promote it and host your guests with a smile making sure their stay in Pico island is memorable.

Just relax and leave it to us.

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