Why Pico Island?

Having a set of resources such as the whales and whaling traditions…

Why Pico Island?

  • Having a set of resources such as the whales and whaling traditions, the mountain, the vineyards (meanwhile classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO), its idyllic countryside landscapes and picturesque architecture.
  • Being the second largest island of the archipelago but only the fourth most populated one assures the privacy and exclusiveness our home owners look for in the Azores;
  • Having the convenient vicinity to Faial island (25 min by ferry) and São Jorge island (50 min by ferry);
  • Our passion for this unique mountain-island in the middle of the North-Atlantic!

Our clients value being away from the main gateways into the island (the Airport, Madalena port and São Roque port), the area guarantees more privacy and keeps the integrity of the local lifestyle away from tourism rumble;

It is populated with some of the most picturesque villages in the Azores such as Calheta do Nesquim, Ribeiras and Ribeirinha with plenty of vernacular architecture heritage which sets the right scenery for an Azorean feeling;

Being the farthest area in the island away from the mountain, it is as well the sunniest – keeping the right balance between the rainfall needed for the lush green landscapes and pleasant weather conditions. See precipitation map here.

Most of the listed properties are located in the south coast, here the most sun exposure is granted with benefits for the well-being and energy consumption.


By plane there are direct connections to Lisboa with Azores Airlines and daily connections to São Miguel and Terceira with SATA Air Açores.

By ferry there are daily connections to Faial and São Jorge island provided by Atlanticoline.


Rent-a-car companies list available here.

Taxis available at airport taxi stand and harbour taxi stand.

Bus routes and timetables available at Cristiano Lda.


If you do not already know what you are missing out you probably should not be looking for a property to buy in Pico 🙂


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