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Flawless Work.

We commit to your dream until you are holding the right key. Or for longer!

Pico Houses is a real estate developer operating in Pico island since 1998. It is accountable for successful deals and satisfied home owners in Pico.

From the geographic scope, we have chosen to focus our attention onto the SouthEast of Pico island (see why here).

On the other hand, from the property type scope, we have chosen to focus on plots with comfortable construction ratios, with houses or ruins which supply a stock of old hand-carved basalt stone and guarantee building rights, with locations which offer scenic views, picturesque settings and the convenience of easy access and water and electricity supply.

In Pico island, the inventory of properties available for sale which are ready to live in with the modern-day comfort expectations and with contemplation areas is scarce. This is specially due to the productive use of the vernacular architecture which has erected Pico houses giving priority to the sheltering from the elements rather than offering the house owners pleasant areas where to enjoy the astonishing views and mild climate the island offers. Therefore, here resides the opportunity to start a dream home nearly from scratch.